God is a Trinity

We believe and confess that God is One God yet, He is three Persons. The Father is God, the Son, Jesus Christ is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. The Father created the world and still preserves it. The Son, Jesus Christ redeemed the world through His death which paid the price for all sins and He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday to give us eternal life in Heaven. The Holy Spirit created out Faith and still preserves us in that sacred Faith.

The Holy BibleW

We believe and confess that the Bible is the Word of God. The Bible is inspired and inerrant. What do we mean by these words?

The Holy Bible is Inspired –St. Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:16. All Scriptures are inspired by God and are useful for teaching, showing, what is wrong, correcting and training in right living so that a man of God is ready and equipped for every good work. The Greek word for inspired, THEOPNEUSTOS, is comprised of two Greek words THEOS, the word for God, and PNOE or to breathe. We get the English word pneumatics out of it. The Biblical word for inspiration in the Bible is God-breathed. We believe that every word of the Scriptures is God-breathed and thus, when the person reads the Scriptures, they are reading the very thoughts of God, thoughts He wanted to share with mankind. We believe that Prophets, Apostles, and Evangelists (human writers of the Bible) were not only commanded to write the Scriptures by God but were also under Gods influence and direction as they put Gods word down into print. God used the vocabulary of Matthew, St. Luke, and the rest of the holy writers to express His thoughts and will for all mankind. Thus, in St. Pauls day the readers not only knew St. Paul was writing to them, they also knew God was speaking to them through St. Paul. The Bible then is God-breathed and totally reliable.

The Holy Bible is Inerrant–The Bible contains no errors. If there is a seeming error of contradiction it is not the Bibles fault nor Gods fault. Rather, it is mankinds inability to comprehend or understand what Gods revelation. What kind of God would we have if the Bible was unreliable? Gods whole intention in Scriptures is to lead mankind to salvation. If the Bible contained errors or presented false and inaccurate statements it would reflect upon our salvation and we would not know the truth of salvation. Our God would be a trickster or a hooligan who prided Himself in fooling mankind and closing the door to Heaven. That is good and pleasing to God our Savior, Who wants all people to be saved and to come to know the truth. Now does that sound like a God who wants to misrepresent Himself and lead you away from salvation? Certainly not!

The Holy Bible is without error, truthful, and reliable in every detail. That is inerrancy.

Sin and Salvation

We believe and confess that all mankind is sinful. There is but one exception and that is Jesus Christ who came in the flesh to redeem us. Jesus is God and as such, lived the perfect and sinless life on earth. It was His perfection and sinlessness that qualified Him alone to suffer and die for our sins. Mankind was conceived and born in sin. King David said in Psalm 51:5. Yes, I was born guilty, and when my mother conceived me I was in sin. From the moment of conception, all human beings are sinful. The only way to have salvation is through Jesus Christ. We call the Gospel the way to that salvation.

The Gospel

The Gospel is comprised of two things:

The death of Jesus Christ forgives sins

Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins. We could not pay the price for our sins, for the sinner cannot make restitution to the Father for the evil he has done. Jesus Christ died on the cross as payment for the sins of all mankind. His death was what the Father wanted in order to wipe the slate clean. However, only those who believe that Jesus Christ died to forgive their sins will be forgiven. If I broke my fathers car window and ran away I could call that a sin against my father. My father was a man of great and extraordinary love. He would constantly forgive me. However, if I remained in hiding and was afraid of my father, he was willing to forgive me but I could never feel or be forgiven if I remained in hiding. So too, by believing that Jesus died to forgive us, that assures us that we are forgiven.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ grants us eternal life in Heaven

Jesus did not remain dead. On Easter Sunday He came back to life again. Jesus is God and he can do whatever he chooses. Yet, Jesus was also Man. He is the first and only human being that ever raised Himself from the dead. Jesus once said, Because I live, you too will live. (John 14:19) If Jesus has the power to raise Himself from the dead, surely He has the power to raise YOU! However, only those who believe Jesus rose from the dead for them shall rise to live with Jesus in Heaven.


Faith is a simple childlike trust that Jesus Christ did what the Bible says He did. He was conceived in the body of the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, He was born, He suffered and died, and on the third day He rose from the dead. Faith is a trust that Jesus Christ did all this to save mankind. Those who have Faith in Jesus Christ are saved.


We believe and confess that good works are the result of saving Faith and cannot bring about ones salvation. St. Paul clearly said in Romans 3:23-24 & 27-28 All have sinned and come short of Gods glory. They are declared righteous freely by His (Gods) grace through the ransom Christ Jesus paid to free them. What then becomes of our pride? It is excluded. How? By the way of works? No, by the way of Faith. We are convinced that anyone is declared righteous through Faith without the works of Law. Being righteous means to be declared free from sins or forgiven for Jesus sake. St. Paul also made it clear that Faith alone saves us when he said in Ephesians 2:8. Yes, by grace you are saved through Faith. It was not your own doing; it is Gods gift. It is not the result of anything you have done; so no one may boast. When the child of God comes to Faith in Jesus Christ, that person cannot help but see the cross and be eternally grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made for sins. That thankfulness and gratitude cannot help but serve the Lord. We call that service, Good Works done out of Faith and love for Christ.


We believe and confess that God created the world in six, 24 hour days. I was an engineer before I became a Pastor. I had to make many measurements and convert many measurements from inches into centimeters. I had to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius. The only measurement I never had to convert was time. Time always remained the same. Genesis 1:5 says, Evening came and then morning the first day. Again, the Scriptures are without error and are reliable. Why would a day be different 4000 years ago than today? It wasnt! Thus God created in six, 24 hour days.

Infant Baptism

We believe and confess that infants are to be baptized. If ever there was a sector of the population that Jesus loved, it was children. On one occasion, mothers were carrying their babies to Jesus so that He might touch them and bless them. Jesus disciples turned the mothers away thinking Jesus had no time for such insignificant babies. When Jesus saw what the disciples were doing He was furious. He said, Let the little children come to Me. Don’t keep them away. God’s kingdom belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, if you don’t receive God’s Kingdom like a little child, you will not get in it.(Mark 10:14) In 1 Peter 3:21 Peter says, Baptism now saves us. I believe every parent wants their child to have salvation. Peter did not state that Baptismal salvation was only for adults. Salvation was for all mankind, the young and the old. Baptism is a way for a child to have salvation and for that childs parents to take God at His Word and know they have salvation through Baptism. Thus, we baptize infants.


We believe and confess that abortion is taking the life of a fellow human being. As stated above, King David said in Psalm 51:5. Yes, I was born guilty, and when my mother conceived me I was in sin. If we take God at His Word, we must then conclude that life begins at conception. The moment the sperm fertilizes the egg, a new human life is established and any act that takes that life is murder. Thus abortion is taking a human life.

Stem Cell Research

We believe and confess that stem cell research is forbidden by God when embryos are used to gather stem cells. The same reasoning is used as in the case of abortion. The human life growing in the embryo is just that, a human life. Taking of that life, even for research, is a sin against God.